• Zoe Parker

Lockdown Art

During lockdown I've been experimenting with creating drawings in different ways- I used some of my existing drawings as the basis for these textile pieces.

I had to cut up my son's bed-sheet at the start of lockdown as I didn't have any other access to fabric and then I used whatever paint or ink I had at home to add colour. I added all the lines and other details with embroidery- a mixture of hand and machine sewing.

Now I just have to figure out how best to mount them! Luckily I have some time as there are no real-life exhibitions coming up quite yet. I have pinned the designs on to pieces of wadding, which gives them a lovely squishy texture. I think I will attach them to poles and make them into wall-hangings, what do you think?

I certainly can't leave them on the floor or the cats will think I have made them some especially comfy cat duvets!

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