• Zoe Parker

Just sew you know...

I'm having "fun" working out the best way to write a blog, so massive apologies if you've already received this as an email!

If this is all new to you then have a look at the images and...

...sew why not have a go? If you're lucky enough to have a sewing machine with lots of fancy stitch settings (that you never use) or even if you only have Running and ZigZag you can still create a wide range of designs.

I was inspired by the Textile artist Debbie Smyth, who "draws" houses and buildings with pins and trailing threads.

I used a photograph of an urban setting, put it inside a plastic sleeve (so that sewing straight over paper by itself doesn't clog up the machine) and then let the machine go wild with bright pink thread.

Sew what are you waiting for?

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