• Zoe Akroyd Parker

Walk This Way!

Walk this way to the Elizabeth James Gallery for a fun experience with chalk pastels and charcoal drawing!

I had another fun afternoon with the kids of South Norwood and Croydon with a drawing workshop using charcoal and chalk.

We began quite formally by drawing actual objects in a still-life fashion, I think the black backgrounds make them look extra dynamic!

The children practised drawing the outlines with charcoal, looking at the shapes very carefully.

When they had filled their pages with drawings, the children practised shading effects by blending charcoal and chalk.

Finally the children experimented by adding colour to their work with chalk pastels.

On Saturday (August 3rd) it's the adults turn- click the link in the image if you would like to book a ticket (or just turn up on Saturday!).

Who will create the best work- kids or adults?!

The next workshop for kids will be on August 7th- a lino cutting workshop at the Elizabeth James Gallery.

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