• Zoe Akroyd Parker

To colour or not to colour?

As Hamlet almost said.

I spent another lovely afternoon at South London's premier art gallery- The Elizabeth James Gallery (now truly an international art gallery, receiving submissions from artists worldwide!)

I was working with an artist named Patricia who created the beautifully atmospheric charcoal drawing of Farthing Downs, in the Croydon countryside, to the top right of the picture. I think she has done a wonderful job of showing the sunlight coming through the trees.

I drew Croydon's dreaming spires, as viewed from Jubilee Bridge, as they are swallowed up by commercial buildings and dominated by Saffron Tower.

Patricia asked me if I would be adding colour to my drawing, and I said no straightaway because I never add colour to my charcoal drawings. However, the colours are very beautiful in real life, with the verdigris of the spire next to the purple of Saffron Tower and the orange bricks of the shops.

So I could not resist adding a bit of colour! What do you think? I would love to know!

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