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I went to see...Frida Kahlo at the V&A!

And it was of course, fabulous!

Here are some of my sketches from the event- they are very strict at the V&A and you are absolutely NOT allowed to take photos (unlike other galleries where it say No Photos, but everyone's snapping away anyway and blocking the view).

It's nice to do sketches - because it means you properly look at the exhibits and take your time.

I do a quick drawing and then colour them in at home.

Some of my colour schemes are made up (sorry Frida), if I forgot to make a note of the colours at the time.

You'll have to go in person to check which ones!

The exhibition features Kahlo's personal effects which were locked away for 50 years after her death and then discovered in 2004. It is amazing to be in the same room as her personal possessions; it is such a powerful exhibition. It's a great mix of her ordinary items and some fabulously extravagant paraphernalia!

It is an inspiring exhibition, beautifully curated, as the V&A shows always are. In spite of all the tragedies in the artist's life, you are left feeling uplifted and in awe of her fighting spirit. Frida Kahlo just never, ever gave up.

At the end, you come out braver and wanting to wear more colourful clothes!

(which is ok because you have to exit via the Exhibition Shop, which is stunning and could kit you out for life...)

While you're waiting to go in, you can have your photo taken with this excellent floral portrait!

The V&A is very civilised, because even if you have an after-hours ticket (like I did) you can wait in the lovely garden or the cafe until it's your turn. It's like an executive lounge, but outside.

Do go and see it if you possibly can, tickets are selling out very quickly and it's only on till November 4th!

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