• Zoe Akroyd Parker

Are all the Children in Croydon Lovely?

It would appear so!

For the final workshop of the summer holidays we had a wonderful afternoon drawing session.

The children were aged from Year 4 up to Year 13.

They were so supportive of each other and their work, it was lovely to be a part of.

And, as they drew they discussed the future of the planet...

...and talked about other planets we could try living on when Earth is finally messed up!

They drew American classic cars from Cuba (a popular theme!)

They took care to show the details and highlights.

They drew Ethiopian tribeswoman and their babies...

...and Egyptian geese...

....not to mention the planets

and finally, the work of Georgia O'Keeffe.

It has been a pleasure to work with the local youngsters this summer.

I will announce more kids' workshop dates soon.

In the meantime, keep drawing!

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