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This Week in the Land of Art...

...I have been working on my very large drawing of Hacho, a young Ethiopian woman who featured in the BAFTA nominated Channel 4 documentary, The Tribe. I was fortunate enough to meet Hacho on my first visit to Turmi, in the Lower Omo Valley in Ethiopia, in 2015. She is very cool, the perfect example of a modern tribeswoman (from the Hamer tribe)- following an ancient way of life but with a 21st century attitude.

I still have quite a long way to go with the "colouring in", and some finishing touches to make her face look more like her, but I think all the hardest bits are done now.

Saturday the 18th, I was lucky enough to host a lino cutting workshop with a wonderful children's book illustrator who was trying lino cutting for the first time. Here is the finished result, amazing for a first attempt!

See you soon!

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