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Ad Summa Nitamus...

... as we say in Croydon. It's the Croydon motto, and it means 'Let Us Strive for Perfection' (in case you didn't know).

As always, the Private View at the Elizabeth James Gallery in South Norwood was a tremendous amount of fun and a groovy time was had by all to celebrate the Croydon Summer of Love. In fact, it was so busy that the noise of chattering art-lovers all but drowned out the carefully-chosen sound-track of 1960s favourites. It was great to see so many people dressed up in their funky gear.

Here are my 3 pictures that I created specially for the night:

"Ad Summa Nitamus" is the title of my portrait of (arguably!) Croydon's first lady. As the exhibition was a tribute to the Croydon's summer of love, and I love Kate Moss, I thought I'd have another go at painting her - especially as my charcoal drawing of her, from the Street Art Jam, is still pasted to the wall underneath the Nestle Tower!

If you'd like to strive for perfection yourself, there are prints available for sale, exclusively, at the Elizabeth James Gallery.

"Your Most Popular Pin" is so-called because this painting began as a drawing from a photograph I collected on Pinterest. The original photograph is of Debbie Harry, and nearly every day somebody "saves" it from my Pinterest board and I receive an email to tell me it's "your most popular pin..." and I painted her because I love her probably more than I love Ms Moss!

"Seen Through the Eyes of Flowers" is a mixed-media piece, which I created really just to capture the spirit of the year of my birth (!) and to have some fun mixing collage and paint.

You have to see it in real life to fully appreciate the textures though.

Here are some more images from the night- the exhibition runs until August 28th and is well worth seeing, so do come along if you can!

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