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More Lino-Cutting Fun

On Saturday I spent another very enjoyable afternoon with the creative people of South Norwood and Croydon at the Elizabeth James Gallery, for my second Lino Cutting Workshop. I supplied some design ideas to start everyone off, though that wasn't really necessary as most people were fairly sure about what they wanted to print from the start- foxes were very popular! (As cute designs, if not in real life!) Here are some examples of the work created:

I am happy to announce that I will be hosting more workshops over the summer. The next one is on June 24th and following on from that I am running a six-week course at the Elizabeth James Gallery; this will cover how to create and print a design using 3 colours or more. I shall also be running workshops for children over the summer holidays, for techniques such as charcoal drawing and model-making. I shall be posting more details soon, so watch this space!

On Saturday 13th May I made my first attempt at street art- I added one of my drawings to a piece of work called "Beijing Walk" by Carlos Sebastia, which is currently installed outside Segas House in Croydon.

I enjoyed it so much that I am going to be taking part in the CDN Street Art Jam on June 11th! I have been practising my technique already- it's very exciting, I even get my own section of wall to work on in Central Croydon!

Thanks for reading, more news coming soon!

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