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Charcoal is Fun!

...well that's what I think and that's what one of my talented workshop-eers said after my first event! Here are some of my favourite images from the day:

This lovely drawing was created by a delightful, and very talented, 8-year old girl

This drawing was created by a delightfully talented 8-year old girl who happily lay on the

floor and got straight down to work. I love all the details in this drawing- the beads and the earrings, as well as the patterns and textures in the fabric that the figure has draped around her shoulders.

During the Charcoal Drawing Workshop I issued everyone with a photo of a young woman from the Arbore Tribe in the Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia. I met this young woman when I was first on my travels there in 2015- I did keep thinking of her on Saturday, I imagine she was sheltering from the sweltering heat, while we were sheltering from the snow in Croydon.

The strikingly accurate drawing on the right was created by a man who normally works as a photographer- I think that's why he was such a natural at working in black and white even though he said he had never used charcoal before.

I am so impressed with the way he drew her hands! Especially all the rings too! He really captured the girl's beautiful face.

I do hope that all my artists from Saturday go on to frame their drawings, they created some amazing work.

The atmosphere throughout the afternoon was so happy and friendly and attracted a lot of different people, many of whom asked if the Charcoal Drawing Workshop would be a regular event. I would certainly be happy to consider that.

My next Charcoal Drawing Workshop is on Wednesday, again at Matthew's Yard and then I have another at the Elizabeth James Gallery on February 25th.

Tonight it is the Private View for the "Interpretations of Love" Exhibition at the Elizabeth James Gallery, South Norwood. The Mayor of Croydon will be attending, which is very exciting! I am exhibiting one of my framed prints of "Look Mum!" alongside several mounted prints. These are also available for sale through my Etsy shop (www.etsy.com/uk/shop/zoeakroydparkerart), if you can't make it to the Gallery during February.

Please also check my facebook page for more photos and details at www.facebook.com/zoeakroydparker

And for daily news on Twitter @Parker2001Zoe and Instagram Insterparker

Ok dokey, time to get my bling on for the Mayor. Keep you posted...

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